Dr.Tierney is a life saver. My husband had been severely in bad health with his pancreas for 3 years and given going to several other doctors they could not figure out what was the problem. Our first visit with Dr. Tierney was such a true blessing, he new what the problem was and how to fix it. Since the surgery Doc done my husband has had NO pain or issues! We owe this wonderful man- Doctor our life. We are so thankful for him. For Rocky Mountain Hospital to have such a wonderful and caring Doc means so much to Colorado. Dr. Tierney saved my husband’s life and for him I will be forever grateful! Never felt so cared for from a doc then what he showed my husband and even myself. I LOVE DR. TIERNEY! THANKS A MILLION! Phillip and Susan Tomlinson

Phillip and Susan Tomlinson – Apr 21, 2020